Lease and service of entrance wipers

The offer of EMKA Spółka Akcyjna is not limited to the provision of collection services and neutralizing medical waste . In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have introduced into our offer lease and service of entrance mats .

The essence of the service is professional assistance in the selection of appropriate entrance mats , best suited to the specific needs of individual customers, and then their periodic service consisting in replacing the dirty mat with a clean one, while the dirty mat is sent to a specialized laundry service. . The frequency of replacement, the number and size of entrance mats as well as their color or custom graphics are chosen by the customer. The task of the entrance mats is to keep the dirt and moisture (approx. 4 l / m2) brought in from the outside to the inside of the building. Entrance mats have a special Hight-twist Nylon yarn weave, the task of which is to retain dirt and moisture inside the mats and leave their outer surface clean. We offer anti-slip mats . All of them have a hygiene certificate, fire certificate and are non-conductive.

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