Disposal of medical and veterinary waste

utylizacja odpadów medycznych emka

EMKA S.A. is a proven partner in the collection service sector and neutralization medical and veterinary waste . The extensive logistics potential allows us to provide services in the field of transport of veterinary and medical waste throughout almost the entire country, including in the largest cities, such as Warsaw, Wrocław or Gdańsk. It also allows us to offer services to every client, regardless of the size and type of medical or veterinary activity. For the company EMKA S.A. every customer is great and just as important. To ensure the proper quality of services provided and control over the entire process related to waste neutralization , EMKA S.A. owns installations for thermal waste processing, and also cooperates in this area with selected, proven and guaranteeing technological and legal security subcontractors.



mapa emka sklep

Medical waste management – what distinguishes us?

  • A young, dynamic team of professionals
  • Flexible, individually tailored variants of cooperation
  • Advising on waste management and other aspects of environmental protection
  • Specialized transport in accordance with ADR
  • Providing training in the field of waste management
  • Full service in recording and reporting on the amount of generated waste
  • Sale of disposable items
  • Broad territorial coverage
  • Complementary services – entrance wipers service
  • Electronic system for recording the services provided