EMKA S.A. provides customers with the option of ordering an additional service of automatic generation of annual reports directly in your BDO register account (for integrated clients) or generating reports in the form of a PDF summary (for non-integrated clients) for PLN 50 net. Thanks to this service, you will minimize the time you need to spend on the annual report to just a few minutes. After ordering the service, we will automatically generate a report on your BDO account (for integrated clients) or a PDF report (for non-integrated clients) and you will only have to send the generated report to the Office by logging into the BDO register (for integrated clients) or rewriting the information from the PDF report to its report in the BDO register (applies to non-integrated clients).

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Enter the last invoice no (e.g. FS-UT / 00001/2020).

Check name of your company, enter the NIP (tax identification number)

Before placing your order, please make sure you no longer have a report started in your BDO account. If you have already started a report in the “draft” status, delete it so we can generate a new one for you – instruction on how to delete the report.


Check the company name, address, enter a valid e-mail address and telephone number (9 digits), enter a list of PKD codes and start date of your business – both can be found at CEIDG register entering your tax identification number. Verify the addresses of pickup points, we will add to the report only those from which pickups were made last year.


Order a report.

You are ordering the report for 2020

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How can I check if I have any waste in section XI after generating the report?

If you also cooperate with another waste disposal company, you must add it in the report before sending it to the office.

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